26 April 2014

How to use your mobile camera as PC Webcam

 In this article i will show you how to use your mobile camera as PC webcam for Video Chat. it can save your money and same webcam experience.

I have select one good application for converting your Mobile Camera into PC webcam using small application easily. 

SmartCam application is simple to use and easy to install for all mobile platform like Symbian, Android etc and connect as a Webcam for your PC via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Download SmartCam PC Application, and install in your PC.

Then Download SmartCam(Android)SmartCam(Symbian) SmartCam(Bada) and Install app in your Mobile.

Open SmartCam app in your mobile and goto setting and put your local IP and select connect via Wi-Fi or bluetooth  and then Connect to your PC, now go to your Chat application (Skype or Yahoo) and select Smartcam in Video settings.
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